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Practice plays a major role in success. Experts have something in common.

Natural Talent: Not important

No shortcuts. No naturals. It all depends on how many hours a person spends practicing.

Fascinating blueprint for making the most of human potential

10000 hours to mastery. 10000-hours rule by Malcolm Gladwell


Creating a better self. Learning something new.

10-Minute rule each day

1) Focus: pick out a target skill – a single chunk you want to work on.

2) Super-high intensity

3) Rest: only do it when you’re fresh. If you’re exhausted, quit.


Through interviews and statistical analysis, Gladwell determines why some people and organizations achieve success far beyond their peers.

Non-stop hours playing in Hamburg, Germany forced Beetles to get better before they got famous.

Approximately 5 years take in order to be master in doing something such as playing violin. 

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