In his book "Outliers" Malcom Gladwell states that 10,000 hours of appropriately guided practice is “the magic number of greatness,” regardless of a person’s natural aptitude. To master any new skills, you need to spend 10'000 hours in intensive practicing.

"10'000 Hour" Rule

There are 8765 Hours in one year. Having a tool to measure the practice time of 10000 hours and motivate users to meet the deadlines inspired me to choose the Time concept for my app. This helps them set long-term goals and allows them to properly allocate the ten thousand hours.

My demographics are strong goal-oriented people who want to work had to achieve their goals and set deadlines as motivation to move towards reaching their goals. They are ambitious, very active, and busy and energetic. I interviewed people over phone.  

Yuri Liberzon

Sex: Male

Age: 31 years old

Occupation: Classical guitar instructor (Studied music at Yale University and John Hopkins University)

Like: Classical Music, Guitar, and Photography

Location: San Mateo, CA

He started playing at age of 6. When he was 13, his teacher inspired him to pursue a career in music. He does not use any specific tools to keep track on his hours when he practices. He doesn't care how much time he spends in practicing guitar. He spends approximately three hours playing guitar on a daily basis. The first one and 1/2 hours he warms up and in the remaining time he learns new plays. His priorities may be changed depending on upcoming concerts.

He thinks it could be useful to find an application that can keep track on his students' time and their progress. 


Sex: Female


Occupation: Junior in high school

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Like: Singing, Acting, Music, Swimming

As a student, her days are filled with many activities. She takes voice lessons. Her ultimate goal is to study musical theater to become a broadway singer in the future. Her day starts at 7:00 am when she gets up and ready to go to school. It takes her 15 to 20 minutes to be there. At 1:00 pm she's done with her classes heading to her new appointment, which is a 30-minutes voice lesson class. Her teacher observes her progress by listening to her singing. She recommends her new techniques to help her voice and sends her home with new assignment.

Kiana believes 15 minutes a day is sufficient time for practicing. It happens sometimes that she forgets to practice because she gets busy with other tasks or she gets distracted. She makes up for the missed practice time by working twice as much on the following day. 

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